Southern Ohio Technical Institute (SOTI) is pleased to announce its partnership with The Charles L. Shor Foundation (SHOR). This partnership provides educational scholarships to support individuals seeking professions in the trades.

The pilot program will focus on helping to provide funding for prospective students in programs such as the Second Chance Program (non-violent offenders only) and veteran support.

Eligible students will receive full or partial tuition assistance to provide them with their Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) training certifications.

“We are thrilled to partner with SOTI to provide educational opportunities for individuals seeking careers in the skilled trades,” said Gerry Otto, President of The Charles L. Shor Foundation

“This partnership aligns with our mission to support the growth of the American middle class by providing access to quality education and training.”

Through this funding, students will also have access to career development resources, including training for job placements through interview and resume workshops. The objective is to provide opportunities to students who otherwise would be unable to fund their education.

Charles L Shor Foundation
The Charles L. Shor Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals seeking professions in the trades and supporting the growth of the American middle class.

The success of the project will be measured against specific metrics, such as the number of participants served, improvement in students’ confidence and skill proficiency, success rate of scholarship recipients, and sustainability metrics.


How to Apply:

We are asking individuals applying for the SHOR grant to write a 500-word essay describing their need and reasons why they deserve this opportunity. 

What to Bring: You will then need to bring your essay (along with 2 references and 1 letter of recommendation as noted in the checklist) to the school administrator at 641 Ohio Pike, Suite I, Cincinnati OH 45245. You can then fill out the actual grant application.

Helpful Tips: Ideally, spend half of the essay on what your life has been like up to this point, and then the other half on how you see this impacting you and your family’s future. More tips are in our checklist.



Charles Shor is an American businessman and philanthropist from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Charles Shor served as the President and chief executive officer of the world’s largest paper bag manufacturing company, Duro Bag Manufacturing,  from 1987 to 2014 before selling it to South Carolina-based Hilex Poly Co. LLC.

His father, S. David Shor, had started the Covington, KY-based Duro Bag Manufacturing the year before Charles was born. At this point, the company had one location with only a handful of employees.

He was born in Cincinnati on April 2, 1954. In 1976, Charles graduated from University of Michigan with a degree in economics. 

In 1977, he joined the family business where he worked alongside his father until the elder Shor’s death in 1987, at which point Charles took over responsibilities as Duro Bag’s chief executive officer.