You are currently viewing A Post Military Education: From the Trenches to the Top of the Class.

A Post Military Education: From the Trenches to the Top of the Class.

So, you have finished basic training, and are both mentally and physically prepared for the next step in your journey.

During this time, you will set up your official military record, establish health benefits and pay, pick up your uniform, dog tags, and wrap up paperwork.

You will figure out who you are in the military and what you will be accomplishing at this point in your life.

You will have the professional skills, as well as the training and management experience to achieve success with whatever missions come your way.

But what happens next?

Returning To the Classroom.

During your time in the military. You have protected and served this country.

Fortunately, many jobs in the military will directly transfer to the next chapter of your life.

And Southern Ohio Technical Institute wants to help with the transition from a military role, to one as a civilian.

In looking toward your future. It is good to know that multiple HVAC businesses pursue veterans as a part of their hiring process.

The reason being, military veterans tend to already have substantial training in areas associated with mechanics.

So, let us begin by visiting a different type of basic training…Returning to the classroom.

Southern Ohio Technical Institute offers classes that provide admission into a thorough, hands-on training program.

Why Consider HVAC for Your Post Military Education?

If you are wondering why a military veteran should consider continuing their education in HVAC. The answer(s) is an easy one.

Through your time in the service. U.S. veterans develop different skill sets and obtain knowledge that transition well within the HVAC industry.

Whether you are installing, maintaining, or repairing distinctive styles of HVAC systems. It is going to take intelligence and strong reasoning skills. You will also need to be capable and focused. Each characteristic mentioned can help when working long hours on problematic HVAC equipment.

And while everyone is different when it involves what they are looking for in their next career. Here are a couple excellent reasons why HVAC is a great fit for veterans.

1. Job Stability and Security

Because HVAC systems are used universally. There is a need for HVAC technicians everywhere.

In the state of Ohio alone, there are over 11,580 HVAC professionals. In fact, the employment of HVAC/R technicians is projected to grow 5 percent from now until 2031.

In choosing to work in HVAC, as a post-military career, means opening yourself up too many HVAC employment opportunities down the line.

In fact, continuing your education with HVAC classes, ensures that you are stepping into a secure field. Not to mention that you will also be able to take advantage of an industry full of modernization.

Did you realize that one of the rewards of working in the HVAC field, is that it is always changing.

2. Innovation and Advancement Within the HVAC/R Industry.

Training to become an HVAC technician in 2022 gives you the benefits of not only learning but incorporating innovative technology from the start of your career.

Because of this, there will be even more opportunities to gain technical experience in the future.

And as heating and cooling systems shift to carbon-neutral energy sources and become more sustainable. The timing could not be better to get in on the ground floor of this modern technology.

HVAC has always been a very mechanical/technical field. And with increasing developments in HVAC technology. Not to mention the continued growth in the heating and cooling industry. It is imperative that the number of technicians be able to keep up.

This is where you come in!

3. To Protect and Serve.

When you were deployed, you were willing to dedicate yourself to protecting and serving other people.

As an HVAC technician, you will be able to continue that philosophy, but in a unique way.

Your new job will be to ensure that the heating and cooling systems that we rely on daily stay efficient, safe, and operational.

The job of an HVAC specialist can include supervising a team or responding individually to the needs of the client.

Having the organizational skills to schedule the job. And then the discipline to get all work done is paramount to the being successful. As a service minded individual. You will not only be assisting your clients. But your colleagues as well.

Veterans are often characterized by being trustworthy, responsible, and accountable to and for the needs of others. They are accustomed to working within a team dynamic, as well as working independently.

It does not matter what your ranking was in your military career. You were taught to lead by example.

Conclusion; Your Post Military Education

Overall, HVAC is a skilled trade that can provide a strong opportunity for veterans. And if you are interested in finding out more about Southern Ohio Technical Institute and our HVAC program. You can schedule a tour by contacting us today. Or, if you’re already convinced, apply here.