Course Number Course Name Hours
OSHA10 OSHA 10-hour Safety 10 10
HVAC101 Basic Safety 5
HVAC102 Tools of the Trade 5
HVAC103 Refrigeration Theory 5
HVAC104 HVAC Components and Operations 5
HVAC105 Troubleshooting Skills 10
HVAC106 Refrigeration Lab 20
HVAC107 Electrical Theory 5
HVAC108 Electrical Components 5
HVAC109 Troubleshooting Skills 10
HVAC110 Electrical Lab 20
HVAC111 Employabilty/Communication Skills 10
HVAC112 Troubleshooting Skills Lab 10
HVAC113 Refrigeration Review/Test 15
HVAC114 Electrical Review/Test 15
HVAC115 EPA 410a Safety Review/Test 10
HVAC116 EPA 608 Review/Test 20
HVAC117 HVAC Lab Review/Test 10
HVAC118 HVAC Employment Ready 10
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